02 October 2013

vpn with .ovpn file

sudo openvpn --config vpn-config.ovpn 

converting .p12 -> seperate cert

Ok, it seems that we have to update network-manager-openvpn package to the latest version so it can understand p12 files. But there is a fairly simple way to generate the 3 .pem files needed at the old version using the original .p12 file:

openssl pkcs12 -nocerts -in file.p12 -out priv_key.pem

openssl pkcs12 -nokeys -clcerts -in file.p12 -out user_cert.pem

openssl pkcs12 -nokeys -cacerts -in file.p12 -out ca_cert.pem

Then use these 3 files at the OpenVPN configuration, mine is working fine now. I do not know if openssl is installed by default at Lucid, but it is in the repositories.

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