18 October 2016

connect to wifi wpa2

This doc show how to connect to wpa2 essid using command line


# wpa_passphrase myWifi mypassword > wpa.conf

 to list available driver
#      wpa_supplicant

# sudo wpa_supplicant -iwlan0 -c wpa.conf -Dwext
// -i  wireless card
// -c  config file
// -D  driver

ref: http://askubuntu.com/questions/16584/how-to-connect-and-disconnect-to-a-network-manually-in-terminal

15 October 2016

vlan Membership Flag

Here are the definitions that I pulled from page 126 of the User Guide:

T          --  The interface is a member of a VLAN. All packets forwarded by the interface are tagged. The packets contain VLAN information.
U          --  The interface is a VLAN member. Packets forwarded by the interface are untagged.
F          --  The interface is denied membership to a VLAN.
Blank    --  The interface is not a VLAN member. Packets associated with the interface are not forwarded.


28 September 2016

download laju: aria

aria2c  -c -s 16 -x 16

c: continue
s: split connection
x: max con per server

21 September 2016

Isu screen 'screen.xterm-256color'

Sejak update LTS 16, ada masalah utk run screen pada remote server.
 Cannot find terminfo entry for 'screen.xterm-256color'

Sebelum run screen, run command di bawah pada remote server.
  export TERM=xterm-256color

   setenv NNTPSERVER news.someisp.com

08 September 2016

Android DNS

Display dns use by android:
-getprop net.dns1
-getprop net.dns2

Set dns to use by android
-setprop net.dns1

10 August 2016


Router(config)#router opsf 10
Router(config-router)#network area 0

R1#show ip route 
R1#show ip route ospf 

R1#show ip ospf neighbor
R1#show ip ospf route
R1#show ip ospf database
R1#show ip ospf interface

Router(config)#router opsf 10Enable OSPF routing protocol under process ID 10.
Router(config-router)#network area 0
Enable OSPF with area 0 on matching interface.

Router#show ip routeDisplay all routes from routing table
Router#show ip route ospfDisplay all routers learned through OSPF from routing table

Router#show ip ospf Display basic information about OSPF
Router#show ip ospf interfaceDisplay information about all OSPF active interfaces
Router#show ip ospf neighbor [detail]
Router#show ip ospf databaseOSPF neighbors with basic info
Router#show ip ospf interfacefsdf

ref: http://www.computernetworkingnotes.com/ccna-study-guide/ospf-configuration-step-by-step-guide.html