10 August 2016


Router(config)#router opsf 10
Router(config-router)#network area 0

R1#show ip route 
R1#show ip route ospf 

R1#show ip ospf neighbor
R1#show ip ospf route
R1#show ip ospf database
R1#show ip ospf interface

Router(config)#router opsf 10Enable OSPF routing protocol under process ID 10.
Router(config-router)#network area 0
Enable OSPF with area 0 on matching interface.

Router#show ip routeDisplay all routes from routing table
Router#show ip route ospfDisplay all routers learned through OSPF from routing table

Router#show ip ospf Display basic information about OSPF
Router#show ip ospf interfaceDisplay information about all OSPF active interfaces
Router#show ip ospf neighbor [detail]
Router#show ip ospf databaseOSPF neighbors with basic info
Router#show ip ospf interfacefsdf

ref: http://www.computernetworkingnotes.com/ccna-study-guide/ospf-configuration-step-by-step-guide.html

02 August 2016

Proksi web

The leading proxies are Burp and Zap. Burp pro edition just about has the edge on Zap, but Zap is completely free. The free edition of Burp is usable, but lacks advanced features like the active scanner.
Paros and Webscarab were once leading proxies, but they are no longer cutting edge. Zap is actually a fork of Paros, but it has moved on a lot.
Squid is a proxy, that's true, but it's not an interactive proxy. It's not much help for testing a web app.

ref: http://security.stackexchange.com/questions/53557/which-opensource-proxy-is-better-and-easier-to-use  (march 2014)