15 April 2011

masalah codec libraray

tiba-tiba media player(vlc) tak support byk format. avidemux pun sama, format yg di suppoprt menjadi kurang.

kat bawah ni cara nak selesaikan masalah.

I just solved my vlc video problems. It appears that the culprit was the getdeb repository that I had recently added. I commented out that repo and downgraded several packages - libavcodec-extra-52, libavdevice-extra-52 etc. The most important one seems to be libva1.

In case anyone needs detailed version information for some packages, I will be happy to post.

Open synaptic, search ffmpeg, and remove all installed ffmpeg libraires, starting with libavcodec* down to libswscale*

You'll lose some players and a plugin or 2, no matter, they can be reinstalled. (in synaptic, file -> history will show you

Then install some players and libxine1-ffmpeg and see.


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